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The best way to spend vacations is travelling. It helps people to relax and forget about problems of their everyday life. It is also very interesting to visit another place, to see how people live there and to compare your lifestyle with other different ways of living.

There are different forms of travelling. Probably, the most comfortable is package tours. Such holidays are organized by a travel company where the basic price includes flights, accommodation and food. Going on such holidays you can settle everything beforehand and fully relax. But somebody would say that it is boring to follow your tourist group every time. For some people it is better to visit foreign country alone or with in group of friends without using a services of a tourist company.

There are different types of traveling. People can travel on foot, by car, by train, by air and by sea. To my opinion the most comfortable type of transport is an aircraft. If you have enough money to buy a ticket for the plane your trip will be very fast and relaxing. But some people are afraid of it. Another type of transport I would like to talk about is a railroad. It is less comfortable but the tickets are cheaper. It is the most widely used type of transport in Russia. I can say with assurance that if you choose a train for a long journey it would be very exhaustive for you. I don't like it at all. Next it is important to say about traveling by car. I think it is the most common type of transport. Many people use it every day. My family usually uses it to get to the shops or trading centers. It is very useful for short distances, but if you are going to have a long journey it would be very boring and it will make you tired. Now some words about travelling by sea. I think it is very comfortable for people who do not become sick on the ship. As for me I would prefer the aircraft. It does not make you tired at ail and you can forget about everything and sleep there calmly during the trip.

In conclusion I would like to say some words about my last journey. This winter I traveled to Thailand. 6 times I used an aircraft to get to the destination and to return back. It is very interesting to visit a tropical country it the middle of the coldest season. I visited a lot of interesting places, different islands, coral reefs and the capital of Thailand -Bangkok. I enjoyed it and I would like to visit it again.

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