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Sport holds an important place in our life. People all over the world are fond of sports. When you listen to the radio you can always hear sports news. You will always find information about some game or important championships if you open a newspaper. Television programs about sports are also very popular.

Sports help people to keep in good health. At the same time those who go in for sports try to get good results and to win victories in sport competitions. Nowadays the gene-doping is very popular on important championships and final games, unless it is illegal. Taking modern drugs for increasing stamina is very hard to detect. But if it is detected the sportsman is disqualified. The whole point of sport can be lost, because of such drugs. I think that it is the main problem in our professional sport now.

In Russia practically all kinds of sports are popular, but I think football may be set the greatest popularity. I am fond of this sport and I am a fan of football club, called …, I often go to the games which are held in our city and I like to watch the TV broadcastings.

There are many sports in which you can take an active part. Everybody may choose the sport he or she is fond of or interested in.

Sport in our country is part of our cultural and public life. Our government pays a great attention to its development. Our president is a sportsmen and he wants his country to be good at sports too. I think it is very important for country to be the motherland of the great sportsmen.

As for me I go in for athletics. I do running for 8 km 3 times a week on a stadium. I like it, but I prefer to do it in the village, because of less pollution of the air. It is very important for well breathing. Another thing that is very important is sportswear. It must be comfortable and flexible.

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