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Problems of city & country life

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It is very difficult for me to talk about the problems of country life, because I never lived there, but I usually go to the village in the summer so I have some knowledge about different aspects of the country life.
There are a lot of differences between these two ways of living so I am going to speak about the most important ones from my point of view.

I will start from describing the usual days in the city. Most of the people live in large houses that consist of a great number of flats. They go to work, quickly do shopping in large trading centers and do some entertainment activities in their free time which is usually rather short. The only escape from such routine is to relax on weekends and holidays. The big city offers them a lot of ways of recreation such as: visiting cinemas and theatres, sport clubs and swimming pools, cafes and restaurants and so on. But for many people the best way to relax is to live for a while at the countryside. It is important for someone to do fishing or simply to breathe a fresh air that is impossible to do in the city.

But for people who always live at the countryside it is not a pleasure. It is their everyday life. There are not suffering from the air or noise pollution, traffic jams or crowded space. But the big city gives for its inhabitants a lot of important facilities that are usually unavailable in the country. I mean education institutions, big variety of goods in the shops, higher paid job and better social services.

As for me I can't imagine myself as the native inhabitant of the village. I am satisfied of everything which the big city gives to me and it is not a problem of mine to manage with some urban problems. I admit that I like to visit the countryside in the summer. I think it is great to change a place for some time, forget about the noise and to look only at green trees and blue sky. But after a couple of weeks I start to feel boring and want to go back to the Saint-Petersburg.

To the conclusion I want to say some words about the best, from my point of view, way of living. I mean the way that takes place in such big cities as London or New York. People have their own houses in the suburbs and get to their place of work by their own car. The offices are usually situated in the centre of city. In the end of the day they leave the noisy and polluted centre and return to their houses. I think it is a perfect system.

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