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Mass media

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What is mass media? It is newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the Internet. Mass media gives us information about our society, helps us to buy something, or just entertain us.

The biggest part of mass media to my opinion belongs to newspapers and magazines. In Britain there are a lot of newspapers such as The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph and others. These newspapers report about national or international events, politics, business, art and sport. In Russia there are The Chance, From Hands to Hands, The Cases and Facts and others which are very popular as well.

There are a lot of magazines which are being sold everywhere. You can choose any theme you like. My favourite magazine is Mobile Computers. It talks about computer innovations and mobile devices. Every number of this magazine has additional CD with some useful programs or games.

Next I would like to talk about television. I think it is very important too, because it gives us visual and changing information. Now there are a lot of channels with different programs. You can connect to the sputnik television and increase the amount of channels to hundreds. I watch TV not very often. We are connected to the cable TV, which gives us extra 20 channels. I use the television not very often, only to watch football matches, movies and music clips. During the war in Iraq I watched a lot of News programs, because it was the main subject of that time. Every channel broadcasted The Iraq war.

Radio I think is not very useful now because of television. I use radio only to listen to music, but I don't like it a lot, because you can't choose a song, you would like to listen to.

Now some words about the Internet. It is the main thing that made me to watch TV very seldom. The main news of the day, weather forecasts and money prices I can find on the main page of my favorite Internet search machine. It a great pleasure to visit forums and discussions of any topic you like. If you want to by something and can't decide exactly what would be better you san easily talk with people who are experienced in this question and get full answers. If you want to know ail fresh news in any field you like there are a lot of informative electronic newspapers, which update all information every 10 minutes. So, the net can be called the world wonder.

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