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Introducing myself

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Let me introduce myself. My name is … and I am a pupil who is going to say good bye to school this year.

I will start from my personality. So, I have a lot of friends. This fact shows my sociable abilities. When somebody asks me for help I always try to do my best. My friends say that I am reliable. I can say that I am hard-working, but sometimes, like a lot of people, I am lazy and a bit impatient.

Next I would like to tell you about my interests and hobbies. One of my hobbies is riding my bike. I have great facilities for riding in my village. I mean a lot of forest paths and roads. So in the summer I usually spend my time there. Like lots of men I like fishing, I usually do fishing with my father and his friends.

I am a fan of football club, called ... I often go to the games which are held in our city and I like to watch the TV broadcastings. My favorite foreign club is … from ….

I like doing sports. Especially I go in for athletics. I do running 3 times a week on a stadium. I like it, but I prefer to do it in the village, because of less pollution of the air. It is very important for well breathing. Another thing that is very important is sportswear. It must be comfortable and flexible.

I like listening to music. My favorite music genre is …. I like such bands as ….

Another thing I am interested in is information technology. I can't imagine my everyday life without a computer. I am very fond of surfing the Internet and playing computer games.

I have some plans for the future. ….

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