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Most people have a favourite activity which they like to do in their free time. Such activities are called hobbies which are divided into four large classes: doing things, making things, collecting things and learning things.

Doing things includes gardening, travelling, shopping, doing sports and others. A lot of people are fond of playing computer games. It is a very popular activity of the teenagers and young people, but sometimes grown-ups are also keen on playing different games on computer. As for me, I can't say that I am a gamer, but when I have one or two free days I can dedicate it to playing.

Making things includes drawing, painting, making sculpture, designing something, in general creativity. Some are interested in music: they write it or play musical instruments.

Almost everyone collects something at some period of his life: stamps, coins, match-boxes, books, records, postcards and other things. Sometimes collections are housed in museums and galleries, but it is very expensive so you must be successful in other career.

No matter what kind of hobby a person has, he always has opportunity of learning from it and that becomes more exciting aspect of a hobby. Very often hobbies help you to choose your future profession. It is a great pleasure I think than your job is your hobby or your favourite activity.

Now some words about my hobby. My hobby is collecting the albums of favourite music bands or singers on the hard drive of my computer. Sometimes there are some great soundtracks from the movies or computer games, which I usually copy and add to my collection. Today the amount of the compositions is nearly 2 thousand ones. I use my music player to listen to the favourite compositions on go, but if I travel a long time I use my pocket computer to store all information on changeable storage card. Last week I bought a new card with a huge memory to copy some movies on it and to watch it far from the home.

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