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Famous people

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Famous people - who are they? If we look back into the history we will see that famous people are those who were special in something or did something that no one could do before. They all played an important part in the development of human civilization.

Famous people were not necessarily positive. Among them is Jack the Ripper, a serial killer, Adolph Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party. But I do not want to speak about them, because there are far more good famous people who are worth speaking about. Among them are great composers, singers, artists, actors, political leaders, inventors and explorers.

I would like to tell you about Lance Armstrong, a famous cyclist, who is famous because he cured himself from the cancer.

In the summer 1996 everything looked bright for him. He was ranked 7th in the world and was offered a lot of contracts by big sporting companies, such as Nike.

But in September he went to the doctor with a pain. He should have gone earlier but he had ignored it. Within 2 hours he was diagnosed as having cancer which had spread to his lungs.

Lance decides to cure himself. His words were: "Let's kill this stuff". In the next few months he had 2 operations after which he was very tired and lost a lot of weight.

After months of suffering he decided to start his next battle: to win the Tour de France, He rode his bike up to 50 miles a day. By the summer of 1999 he did not take any medication.

Many people doubted his ability to become a top cyclist but in 1999, 2000 and 2001 he won this race 3 times. He is now a sporting star. But he is different from other stars. Money and success are not interesting for him. Lance has another motivation. He says that every year he tries to win the Tour is another year without illness.

Lance Armstrong has written an autobiography: "It is not about the bike".

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