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Choosing a career

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Choosing a career is a very difficult problem for most young people. It is very difficult to find your way in life.

Many new jobs appear every year and they give to people a lot of new opportunities. Some people think that it is an advantage to choose a career at school because it enables you to choose necessary subjects and become proficient in them. I think when deciding your future career you must be realistic about your interests and abilities. For example I don't know chemistry at all and I am not going to connect my job with this science.

Nowadays knowledge of foreign languages is growing in importance. It is very useful in all kind of job. A lot of international companies need specialists with deep knowledge of languages, because such people can communicate well. I think it is very important nowadays to be sociable too. If you are not sociable at all you can’ work in group.

From my point of view it is a great pleasure when your profession is your hobby. These people are usually good professionals, because they are interested in their job.

As for me I have chosen the field I would like to work. I had changed my mind many times before I decided in what way I would like to work. It is connected with construction. This year I am going to take exams in Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. I am going to enter the faculty of Construction Economics. I chose such profession because I see how rapidly new buildings appear in our city and I think that this profession is important nowadays. Also this profession is suitable for my abilities. I like to communicate with different people and I am good in Physics and Mathematics, which is important in this job. In addition I am going to start learning another foreign language maybe it will be French or German. I think it will help me to get a good well-paid job.

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