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There are different types of arts: painting, literature, music, theatre, cinema and others.

The most modern type of art is the cinema, which appeared in 20th century. Nowadays it is considered one of the main arts and not just entertainment. There are a lot of movies that belong to different genres. Some of them are the real masterpieces. The one of my favourite films is XXX (three X), which is full of great stunts.

Before the beginning of the cinema age the theaters were very popular. Of course they are now popular too but usually between theatre lovers. As for me I don't like going to the theatre, because it is boring for me. I prefer to watch the new movie instead of a new play.

Can we think of a day without music? Now it is playing everywhere and can be called the most widely spread type of art. Like the cinema it consists of different genres. As for me I listen to music of any genre, if I like it.

Russia has a lot of museums, which are famous all over the world. The most important are The Hermitage and The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. These museums contain great collections of arts.

Literature is a great part of the arts. There are a lot of famous writers all over the world. Among them are famous English writers like William Shakespeare or Jack London, American famous writers are Dick Frances, Ernest Hemmingway, Mark Twain and others. Russia has a lot of writers which are known in the whole world like Dostoevsky, Tolstoy or Turgenev. My favourite writers are Brothers Strugatskie. I mostly like their book, written in science fiction style called "The Picnic on a Roadside".

To the conclusion it is important to say that many new genres appear very often in different types of arts and it doesn't ever stop because people are always discover something new and interesting in common things.

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